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Floppy mishap

Older computers used to have 5.25" floppies, and there are some mishaps that can occur:

  • A 5.25" floppy can be inserted 8 ways without problems, but
    only one is right!
  • A CD can be inserted into a 5.25" floppy drive, but for
    obvious reasons it's hard to read.
  • "Do I have to remove the old floppy before inserting a new?" -
    Famous words from user that had managed to press in two floppies into
    one drive...
  • Figure the following scenario:

    There is only one copy-protected 5.25" OS floppy for your system and "everybody" knows that.

    Joker #1 uses his skill to remove the disk from the envelope and replace it with another.
    After that he staples a large note through the floppy with the note "Thanks for the loan!".

    Just think about what the next person thinks when he sees that diskette...

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