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Cars and their owners

  • Ford Ka, Toyota Aygo etc. - Why are the parking places so big?
  • Ford Mondeo, Toyota Camry etc. - I have the most boring job in the world and my life sucks.
  • Ford Explorer etc. - I did drive this through my backyard once, but it got dirty!
  • Lotus 7 & Ariel Atom - Caring about weather is for sissies.
  • Spec B Wagon - If you can recognize what I'm driving you are good!
  • Lotus Elise & Miata - Everyone wants to have fun, and I don't care about size.
  • BMW M - I'm burning my money on an expensive car but are stuck on the highway as everyone else.
  • Corvette & Mustang - I'm living my teenage dream.
  • Porsche & Mercedes - I want to look like I'm making money.
  • Nissan GT-R - I want a Ferrari.
  • Ferrari & Lamborghini - I'm making money, and am acceptably rich.
  • Maserati - I'm rich, but that's my business.
  • Maybach - I'm dirty rich and can afford to piss you off if I want!
  • Koenigsegg & Bugatti - I'm insanely dirty rich and can afford to have fun. And I don't care about what you think, I'll get the chicks anyway!

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